Class Structure

Class Structure

swimming classes

Swimming lessons for Children and Adults

Are you looking for professional and recommended swimming instructors in Winchester or Hook? 
Our skilled instructors at Judy Sporle School of Swimming will make sure your children enjoy their time at our swimming school.  Our structured swimming classes are designed to allow you and your child to progress at a pace that is suitable for you. Our swimming teachers always strive to keep the classes dynamic and interesting to ensure you or your child are enthusiastic about swimming.

Unsure which level your child is swimming at? Follow our New Swimmer Checklist to find the right class for your child.
New Swimmer Checklist
swimming class for 3 months child
Adult and Child Classes
Our adult and child classes are split into three age groups to ensure your child is getting the best from our lessons.
Dolphins 1 - 3 months to 12 months
This class is for your child's first introduction to water. Through songs and games, we aim to give you and your baby a special bond in the water.
Tuesday - 12.45pm, Wednesday - 12.25pm, Sunday - 8am
Dolphins 2 - 12 months - 24 months
This class is slightly more advanced, learning through play and gaining more independance within the water.
Tuesday - 12.15pm, Wednesday - 11.55am, Sunday - 8.30am
Dolphins 3 - 24 months - 36 months
This class is preparing your child for our pre-school lessons, getting used to swimming with the teacher and gaining even more independance in the water.
Tuesday - 12.15pm, Wednesday - 11.55am, Sunday - 9am
Pre-School Classes
 Our pre-school lessons run during school days to provide a quiet and relaxing environment for our younger swimmers. The classes include a maximum of 4 children and the teacher will always stay in the water to ensure your child's safety. We try to make our classes exciting, so that children enjoy every minute of it. 


Tuesday: 12.15pm, 12.45pm
Wednesday: 11.55am, 12.25pm
Saturday: 8am, 8.30am, 9am, 9.30am, 10am, 10.30am, 11am
Sunday: 8am, 8.30am, 9am
swimming class for 3+ years

After-school classes (3+ years)

classes for 3-5 year kids
Our after-school lessons are available for everybody above the age of 3 years. We have swimming classes throughout the week for individuals of all levels and abilities.

Maximum of 6 children per class, in the small pool
Maximum of 8 children per class, in the main pool


Monday: 6pm, 6.30pm
Wednesday: 6pm, 6.30pm
Friday: 5.30pm, 6pm, 6.30pm
Saturday: 8am, 8.30am, 9am, 9.30am, 10am, 10.30am, 11am
Sunday: 8am, 8.30am, 9am
Team Swimming
Our Team sessions is for our older children who want to continue swimming and fitness, without the pressure of having to join a competitive club.

These sessions run for 1 hour, with 40 minutes of swimming, followed by 20 minutes of a set activity. These range from starts and turns to water polo or diving.


Wednesday: 6-7pm
Friday 7-8pm
Saturday: 8-9am
Adult Lessons 
Our Adult lessons are available for swimmers of different abilities. We cover all 4 strokes, and the correct starts and turns right from the off. 
We have 3 adults groups each with their own teacher: 
Beginner - no experience of swimming at all. Building confidence and learning basic frontcrawl and backstroke. 
Intermediate - has some knowledge, is able to breathe to the side on frontcrawl over 15m. Has some knowledge of backstroke and breaststroke.
Advanced - can swim 2-4 lengths (50-100m) without stopping. Has some knowledge of starts and turns. 

Tuesday - 6-7pm or 7-8pm - Hook
Friday - 7-8pm - Winchester

If you are looking for a private lesson, 1:1; we run private lessons during the holidays. Please see our Holiday Courses tab for dates and times.
Swimming lessons for children and adults in Winchester or Hook,
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